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Mountain homes across the Smokies are great as an investment, or a vacation home.  This sector of the real estate market experienced good results in 2010.  A March 30th, 2011 article details the research on this material.  The data was compiled and published by the National Association of Realtors.  The article states that in 2010, vacation and investment home sales held their position in the property market place.  Vacation homes accounted for 10% of the market.  Investment home sales were 17% of the total homes sold.  These numbers are intriguing, because sales volume for the overall market declined from 2009.

This news is quite significant for a number of reasons.  The most important factor is that credit in the housing market is tight.  To avoid another bubble with bad mortgages, the federal government has cranked down the screws on easy lending.  This makes it tougher to qualify for financing.  Investment and vacation homes, have even more stringent lending guidelines.  All cash purchases make up a significant percentage of investment/vacation homes.  The buyers of the second home market are savy.  Foreclosures or discounted property made up a greater percentage than primary home buyers.  The median price for this “non-primary” home market is significantly below prices for primary homes.  It would appear that many investors are purchasing second homes as investment.  These homes preserve the value of hard-earned dollars, provide a great place to enjoy, and avoid the roller coaster ride of the stock markets.

If you are contemplating a second home for vacations, or investment, consider the Smokies.  This area is in the leading quadrant of the nation for secondary home purchases.  Our website provides a perfect springboard to begin your dive into investment property.  Contact us today to get started.

Here are a Few of My Current Listings:

Excellent Views /Architectural Icon!
This commanding architectural icon is an award winning design. Fantastic floor plan, quality contruction, outrageous mountain views from all rooms, gas generator, lots or level parking and 5 master suites all with their own screened in porch. Must see!
Type: Single Family Home
Location: Chalet Village
Price: $990,000
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Premier View of Smoky Mountains!
Condo with sought after mountain views and 3 bedroom plan. Indoor and outdoor pools, hot tubs and saunas and really close to the Great Smoky Mountain Nat’l Park and ski resort.
Type: Condo
Location: Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Price: $99,900
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Nestled Among the Trees w/ Mtn View
This chalet is nestled among the trees with close access to area attractions, ski lodge, shopping and the Great Smoky Mountains Nat’l Park.
Type: Single Family Home
Location: Chalet Village
Price: $229,000
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