• Take Control of Your Future

No one knows when the next recession will hit. We all know some type of recession or correction is coming. And we don’t know how big it will be. Will it be a little cough? A tremor? An earthquake? Or what Californian’s call the “Big One”? No one knows. But saying it can never happen or will never happen is naïve.

  • The Hedge

Is there a hedge against such an event? Yes. A self-directed IRA or 401k.

  • Truly Diversify

A self-directed plan allows you to truly diversify — to move at least some of your funds off of Wall Street and into something tangible like real estate. Not a real estate ETF, REIT, or mutual fund. But “real” real estate.

  • Recession Resistant Retirement

The market never proceeds in a straight line. We don’t know when it will happen, but it’s not just scare-mongering to say that it will happen. Learn about self-directed IRAs and 401ks, and the unique way they can help you protect your retirement pot from the inevitable.

It’s more fun when you can invest in what you know … and a lot of people have some experience with real estate.

  • Investing in real estate with an IRA provides several options: 
    • Single and multi-family homes
    • Mortgage notes
    • Commercial property
    • Rental property
    • Apartments and condominiums
    • Rehab-and-flips
    • Real estate owned (REO) properties—foreclosures
    • Improved and unimproved land
    • Offshore property
    • Building bonds and commercial paper
    • Tax liens and deeds
    • Tangible asset and trust deeds
    • Vacation Homes

If you are interested in purchasing real estate in the Great Smoky Mountains area with your IRA, we can help you with the process.  Sort of like a 1031 exchange, you must have a third party or “custodian” act as your intermediary.  There are a number of quality custodians from which to choose.  We have closed a number of these transactions for buyers and sellers over the years so let us know what your goals are and we’ll help you get there.