Hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains- A Treat for Everyone

Cascade Falls 2 (courtesy of Shane o mac's) Flickr.com
Cascade Falls 2(courtesy of Shane o mac)

I have found that hiking is one of those outdoor activiities that can be tailored to fit just about everyone.  It’s flexibility and adaptability make it one of those rare sports that can be done by the full spectrum of age groups.  From the youngest in all-terrain strollers or infant backpacks to the elderly with canes or wheelchairs, this activity can accommodate people at all levels of fitness.  Hiking lends itself to a wide variety of interests on the same trail.  Bird watchers, waterfall lovers, extreme sports participants, autumn leaf viewers, spring wildflower photographers, and countless other outdoor enjoyment can be experienced simultanously by different participants hiking together.  In an age of technological advancement, hiking can help bring families and humanity back together, yet it still permits an individual interpretation.  It also brings a side benefit through physical exercise which again caters to the abilities/fitness level of the hikers. 

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park has 850 miles of trails.  These trails vary greatly in their; elevation change, ruggedness of terrain, length to destination, and the scenery along the way.  Selecting the appropriate elements to match the abilities and needs of your group is important.  There are many sources of hiking trail data from free brochures and web sites to detailed books and maps that you can purchase.  In any outdoor activity safety precautions are key.  Let people know where you are going and when you anticipate your return.  Wear supportive footwear and protective clothing.  Longer hikes require drinking water, snacks, sunscreen, rain gear and first aid preparations.  Matching your skills to the hike is key.  There are many resources to help you in your selection.

Hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains has almost a universal appeal much like buying real estate in this area.  There is a broad spectrum of real estate to choose from, similar to hiking this wonderous area.  It helps to use reliable knowledge from those who know the trail in hiking and in buying real estate.  Allow the experience and knowledge of my team at Jason White to put you into the real estate of your dreams.  Contact us today to get started.