It’s a Buyer’s Market, Especially For Luxury Real Estate

Luxurious Mansion 1
It's a great time to invest in luxury real estate

The news is more and more positive across the Country, home prices have risen for three straight months and the number of sales have increased for four straight months.  Great news?  Any positive news is great after the real estate market our Nation has been weathering.  However, real estate values are hardly skyrocketing and, while increasing, sales volume is hardly knocking homes off the shelf.

It is a buyers’ market, there is no doubt about it and the buyers getting the best deal are those buying luxury real estate.  Luxury homes have had the biggest drops in pricing and for those with deep pockets the savings can be tremendous.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal points out the significant drop in price among luxury real estate.  Data is showing that while mainstream home prices are stabilizing, luxury real estate, homes selling for $2 million or more, are dropping their asking prices an average of 14%.  The article states, “Bottom line: At the high end, it’s a good time to be shopping for that dream home.”

If you have been dreaming of luxury real estate and have the money, this could be the time to make your dream come true. Call me, Jason White, today to discuss the possible purchase of luxury mountain  real estate in our area.  Click here to visit the Wall Street Journal article “Seeking Real Estate Bargains? Try Looking at the High End”.