24th Annual Dolly Parade in Pigeon Forge, TN

Dollywood Parade, Pigeon Forge TN (Gigi187 on Flickr.com)
Dollywood Parade, Pigeon Forge TN (Gigi187 on Flickr.com)

The 24th anniversary of the Dolly Parade kicks off this weekend’s Pigeon Forge Springfest with Dolly Parton this Friday, May 8th. 

Over 50,000 parade watchers line the Pigeon Forge streets to watch floats, marching bands, and local entertainers and celebrities. 

The Dolly Parade begins at 6pm and will give visitors and Pigeon Forge locals a true taste of Pigeon Forge area entertainment.

The Dolly Parade is just one of many Pigeon Forge attractions and events in the Sevier County area. 

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