Vacation Real Estate: Is it a Good Time to Invest?


Chalet in Smoky MountainsThere are many questions when it comes to investing in real estate today one of which is, is it a good time to invest in vacation real estate? Currently it is a buyer’s market almost anywhere in the Country. If you can acquire financing or have the extra cash to invest,  real estate has always been seen as a good investment because while it may take its dips, historically it has always rebounded. Many signs point to it being a great time to invest in vacation real estate. These signs include:

Low interest rates

A drop in home values

Fewer buyers, therefore less competitive market place

Lower property taxes due to drop in home values

Higher inventory, therefore more homes to choose from


If you have been wanting to purchase or invest in a second home there hasn’t been a more attractive time to purchase vacation real estate in quite some time.


For more information on investing in vacation real estate visit the Realty Times web site and contact me at The Jason White Team in Gatlinburg.