The city of Sevierville has recently updated some of their zoning restrictions. 


We were fortunate enough to have a chat with the City of Sevierville’s Senior Planner, Kristina Rodreick, below are the things we learned.


There have been updates to two zones, the Historic Residential Office and Medium Density Residential.


4 Streets in HRO zoning are now allowed to operate as short term rentals!

  • High
  • Eastgate
  • Park
  • Prince


MDR – 1 now requires a short term rental permit.

Permits operate on a notification system.

This means all homes within 100ft of your proposed Short Term Rental will be sent a notification via mail. The residents of these homes have one week to respond. If there is no response, or a positive one, the proposed home will then be approved for Short Term Rentals.

If there are any negative responses, a hearing will be held and the potential buyer will be able to present their case.


You can check the zoning area for a specific address here.


Let us know if this brings us and questions and we’ll do our best to coordinate with Kristina to get them answered.