Full Service Brick and Mortar Property Management Service

 Interested in an investment property? Not sure what  management option is best for you?

Join us on a four part series while we discover the pros and cons of DIY management, flexible management solutions, and brick and mortar management options. 




Welcome to the third part of our property management series. This week we will discuss a full service brick and mortar property management service. Listed below are many perks and a few obstacles that come with full service brick and mortar property management. 


  • Full Service Office – In-house customer service, reservation, and maintenance departments all work to facilitate the needs of you and your property. 
  • Local Knowledge – The customer service and reservation departments are staffed with locals who know and love the area.
  • Guidance – Management and maintenance departments provide guidance for making decisions about potential upgrades and remodels to your home. 
  • Assurance –  You have assurance that safety regulations are met and upheld. A full service brick and mortar property management service will routinely check on equipment such as; fire places, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, deck and hand rails, and steps.
  • Personal Connections – You will come to know and have a connection with the staff that manages your property.


  • Management Fees – You will pay a higher management fee due to the full service that is provided to you and your property. 
  • Management Discretion – Your property must remain within parameters set by the management company to continue to be on rental program.

Full service brick and mortar property management provides the comfort of knowing your vacation home is being properly maintained and marketed. This is a wonderful option for owners not within reach of their property and who are looking for a less time consuming property management service. This may not be the best option for owners who wish to be involved in assisting their guest while in-house. The magical thing about property management is that there is a solution for everyone!


Special shout out to Chalet Village’s wonderful staff for collaborating on this information.