Sevier County Zoning

Zoning is the act of process of partitioning a city, town, or borough into zones reserved for different purposes. Sevier County Zoning.

Do you ever wonder how the Sevier County zoning might effect your short term property investment? Is it something you should be aware of before you purchase an investment property? Of course! We’ll tell you a bit more about zoning in general and link to more specifics related to Sevier County zoning.

Investopedia defines zoning as “Zoning refers to municipal or local laws or regulations that dictate how real property can and cannot be used in certain geographic areas.”


There are multiple different types of zoning; residential, commercial, and industrial, among others.

Residential zoning covers single-family residences, multi-family structures, and planned unit developments.

Commercial zoning covers things like office buildings, shopping centers, and restaurants.

Industrial zoning covers warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

Agricultural zoning is sometimes used to protect farmland and for subsidy programs.

Next week we’ll dive into specifics concerning our area: Pigeon Forge zoning, Gatlinburg zoning , and Sevierville zoning.

The following week we’ll answer some questions about covenants and restrictions and homeowners associations.

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