Move to Gatlinburg TN, Reason #1 Weather

Smoky Mountain Weather (chor lp on
Smoky Mountain Weather (chor lp on
The first reason you should move to Gatlinburg TN is the weather.  Gatlinburg TN sits in the Smoky Mountain altitude, so the summer heat and humidity here is much more tolerable than other parts of middle America. 
Most day’s temperatures don’t rise above 90 degrees, so you can actually be outside enjoying the beautiful surroundings instead of sitting in air conditioning 24/7. 
The winters are fairly mild with temperatures that regularly stay above freezing.  It does snow in Gatlinburg, but the amounts vary depending on your elevation. 
Jason White, a Gatlinburg TN real estate agent, can provide you with more reasons to move to Gatlinburg TN or talk to you further about the Gatlinburg TN weather.  Jason White can be contact at 877-678-2121 or by email.

Cabins For Sale in Gatlinburg TN

Cabin in Gatlinburg TN
Cabin in Gatlinburg TN
Now is a great time to start searching for your perfect summer cabin for sale in Gatlinburg TN

This mecca

for outdoor enthusiasts will be right in home in the Smoky Mountain landscape, and a cabin to come home to after a long day fishing, hiking, or biking in the surrounding area will complete your outdoor adventure. 
Cabins  for sale in Gatlinburg TN range from the basic and simple to the down right luxurious. 
No matter what your budget or your comfort level, Jason White, a Smoky Mountain real estate agent, will show your the perfect cabin for sale in Gatlinburg TN.