Tax Credit May Be Extended

There has been a push in the House to get the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit extended, as well as expanded.  Last week the House passed a bill extending the $8,000 tax credit into next year for military, diplomatic and intelligence workers who have been working overseas.  This bill’s passage leaves many hopeful that an extension for regular first time home buyers will pass as well.  Much of the increase of real estate sales has been attributed to the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit.

There is a strong sentiment to extend the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit because the real estate market is not seen as completely stable yet.  The hope is that if the tax credit is extended then real estate sales will continue to improve.  If the credit gets opened up to include all home buyers, as some would hope, then real estate sales volume is expected to pick up quite a bit.  For more information contact me, Jason White, at The Jason White Team and I would be happy to discuss your options.

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