A Personal Letter from Jason White



Even though this happened a long time ago, I have realized that it could impact your life as much as it did mine. There’s someone I need to find, and I’m hoping you can help me find that person. I’ve never written a letter like this before, but I’d like to share an experience that changed my life and could possibly change yours in ways I can’t explain.

I was a young boy when my mother took me to visit this mystical home. Its setting was something out of a fairy tale. I was pretty excited as we drove up the long driveway lined with old-growth poplars, oaks, and hickories. Grapevines the size of my arm wrestled with the tree branches above the laurel thickets. Soon there was a clearing with a breathtaking vista: you could see mountain range beyond mountain range. I’d almost forgotten that we were still in the city limits of Gatlinburg. The only hint was that from our perch we could see the Ski Lodge Tram and the twinkling lights far below that reminded me of Christmas.

At the overlook, my mother told me that the owner of the property and his wife would sit there every morning to watch the sunrise. I could just imagine what it would look like as the first rays of light illuminated 6,593-foot Mount LeConte. The hikers who trekked past the waterfall and up the trail that passed close to the house told stories that might have fit into a Harry Potter book or something from The Ringing Cedars or Lord of the Rings; this may have been the reason for the newspaper and magazine articles about him. Anyway, it was actually my aunt who first encountered the couple, and what she told my mother made my mother insist that we needed to meet them. In a moment I’ll tell you the secret reason why we went there.

The piece of land had healing properties, or so the local Native Americans said. Maybe it had something to do with the vast amount of quartz crystal that the house was built upon. The man and his wife, with the help of a very close friend, built the house as a labor of love, and the energy, or whatever you’d like to call it, attracted requests from people around the world wanting to visit. So, you can see why we felt so special to have been invited that evening.

As we traveled further up the driveway, the house seemed to suddenly appear out of nowhere: three stories with tall glass windows constructed right into the mountain. The front door opened, and we were invited in. I immediately noticed a beautiful stone fireplace with a huge granite lintel. Candles gave off a warm glow, and frankincense was wafting in the room. Our host motioned us to come to the next level, which opened up into a vast living area with a number of skylights high above. Another roaring fire was burning in an even larger fireplace constructed of massive native stones that rose 17 feet to the ceiling. As I was taking in the wonder of the home and examining the hand-carved door to the wine room, a wooden door about forty feet away opened and he came in.

At first it seemed all I saw was his eyes; maybe it was the flickering of the fire or the candles on the mantel that made his eyes sparkle so. He was lean, but well built and a little under six feet tall, with a long blond beard, and greeted us with a hug. We were immediately put at ease. Have you ever met someone for the first time that you feel you’ve known forever?

The secret reason my mother took me to meet them was that I was to have a serious ear operation in a couple of days and, well, maybe … after all, there were all those stories. He ushered us into his study and we sat down. My mother explained my situation to him, and he gently moved his warm hand toward my ear, saying “Don’t be surprised that things may turn out better than one might imagine.” And that was it! The warmth from his hand seemed to linger as he broadly smiled.

A few days later, we were facing a very bewildered doctor. “I don’t know what’s taken place or how it could, but the ear problem seems to have corrected itself! Jason won’t need the operation.” Mom and I smiled to each other knowingly. 

That was the beginning of a long friendship with the owners of this special property. Recently he told me, “Life is a grand adventure for those of us courageous enough to make bold decisions. As much as my heart and soul is in this land, this mountain, and this house, I’ve got new mountains to climb. Jason, someone who doesn’t know it yet will buy this house. This will be very special for them and a new doorway for making dreams come true. Be careful—this isn’t to be sold to just anybody. We’ll stay in touch!”

The reason I’ve sent this to you is to see if you might just happen to be the person he spoke about. I know this letter may seem strange, but there’s a lot more here than meets the eye. Call me and I’ll explain.


Jason White


P.S. I asked a friend to help me write this about my experience. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Please don’t wait another moment to make your dream manifest. I promise you won’t regret giving me a call.


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