Homes for Sale in Gatlinburg TN

Gatlinburg TN Waterfall
Gatlinburg TN Waterfall

Homes for sale in Gatlinburg TN display all the natural wonders of living near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Nature and beauty surround many of the homes for sale in Gatlinburg Tennessee, and the area is full of fun activities. Since so many of the Gatlinburg TN homes for sale are in such a beautiful environment, many of the best things to do are outdoors.

With over 1,000 Tennessee fishing lakes, rivers, streams, and ponds that flow around or through Gatlinburg TN, fisherman will be at no shortage of places to reel in the big one.

For fishermen that don’t want to travel far, some homes for sale in Gatlinburg TN offer streams in the backyard or close to the house.

For Gatlinburg, TN housing specifications like this, please contact Gatlinburg TN real estate agent Jason White for Gatlinburg TN homes for sale that meet your criteria.

Smoky Mountain TN Real Estate

Smoky Mountain TN Real Estate
Smoky Mountain TN Real Estate

In the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, real estate is in hot demand due to the beautiful mountain views. Smoky Mountain real estate in TN is dominated by the towns of Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and Sevierville.

All these towns are wonderful communities on the way or edge to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, thus providing Smoky Mountain real estate homeowners with the benefits of living next to a national park.

These benefits include living and working in a tourism dominated economy while enjoying year round what visitors only get to enjoy during their vacation.

For more information on how to purchase Smoky Mountains TN real estate or browse Smoky Mountain TN property, please contact Smoky Mountain TN real estate agent, Jason White.

Pigeon Forge TN Real Estate

Pigeon Forge Tennessee
Pigeon Forge Tennessee

Located in the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee is Pigeon Forge.  Known as an affordable family vacation or honeymoon destination, beautiful homes lie snuggled into the forest and mountain surroundings. 

The beautiful views and woodsy atmosphere can be cherished from any number of the available Pigeon Forge TN real estate options in the area. 

This area of TN real estate can be a great investment or utilized as a vacation or retirement home. 

With plenty of activities in the area, especially for the great outdoors-man, buying Pigeon Forge Tennessee real estate can be something you and your family can enjoy in the years to come. 

For more information on how to purchase Pigeon Forge TN real estate or other Smoky Mountain TN property, please contact Pigeon Forge TN real estate agent, Jason White.

Beautiful Smoky Mountain TN Lodge

Smoky Mountain TN Lodge For Sale
Smoky Mountain TN Lodge For Sale

If you are interested in buying Smoky Mountain TN real estate, look no further. 

A phenomenal 15 acre Smoky Mountain Lodge is currently on the market in Gatlinburg, TN.  With 7398 square footage, 12 bedrooms and baths, this home will have room for all of your friends and family. 

The interior boasts all master suites with whirlpool tubs, king beds, entertainment centers with LCD TVs, and private balconies with a view. 

There is plenty of entertaining options with a gourmet kitchen and granite bar, a 4.8 projection screen, several game tables, two large hot tubs, and a private gazebo. 

This Smoky Mountain Lodge property is made for corporate functions or receptions with room to entertain 100 people in comfort. 

The Smoky Mountain Lodge real estate find is projected to generate over $200,000 in income this year, so priced at $1,950,000, this lodge can be a great investment. 

For more information on this Tennessee Mountain Lodge, or other Smoky Mountain TN real estate, please contact Smoky Mountain real estate agent, Jason White.

Gatlinburg, TN Real Estate

Gatlinburg, TN Attractions
Gatlinburg, TN Attractions

Gatlinburg, Tennessee real estate sits amongst the splendid Smoky Mountains. 

Providing all the charm of a small mountain town, Gatlinburg, TN also sits adjacent to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which now draws close to nine million visitors annually. 

This tourist destination provides Gatlinburg, TN real estate owners with a mountain resort destination to live, visit, or retire. 

Gatlinburg, TN homeowners can enjoy a beautiful setting, fantastic restaurants, and attractions galore. 

For more information on how to purchase Gatlinburg, TN real estate or Smoky Mountain real estate, please contact Gatlinburg, TN real estate agent Jason White at Century 21.

Smoky Mountain Lifestyle in East Tennessee

Dogs on hike 

From the top: Wiley, Lyle & Roxy

Last weekend I went on a wonderful back country camping trip with three of my dogs.  We visited Joyce Kilmer Wilderness which is partly in East Tennessee and partly in Western North Carolina.  I decided to go here because of its proximity, rugged beauty, natural diversity and because dogs are not allowed in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  

Joyce Kilmer reminds me of the Smokies.  One loop from this trail head gains over 4,500 feet of elevation.  We went the easy route and dropped down to Slick Rock Creek Basin.  The trail meanders along the creek and offers wonderful campsites and plenty of swim holes as well as a diverse forest.  One thing I really liked, unlike in the Smokies (where you have to camp in designated areas) is that you can set up camp where ever you like.  After hiking about seven miles we found a secluded spot by the creek, pitched the tent, filtered some stream water, built a fire, cooked dinner and then enjoyed the dark night forest.  It is amazing how many stars you can see from the wilderness.  We are definitely going back to make the big 4,500 foot climb up to Bob Stratton Bald and the Hangover Overlook.  Now that I know all the dogs can carry our food without complaint, I can make the climb with a little less weight.  This just may be the best back county secret yet!  Should this sort of activity interest you check out our local town information.

Gatlinburg Real Estate 3rd quarter market update.

The first quarter of 2008 was the slowest here in the Gatlinburg/Smoky Mountain real estate market so far this year.  345 homes sold with an average list price of $198,610 and an average sold price $189,166.  That is a list to sold price ratio of 95.25%.  The second quarter saw a 14% increase in units sold to 403 with an average list price of $211,782 and an average sold price of $199,633, up 5.53% from quarter one.  The third quarter resulted in 358 homes sold, up 3.76% from quarter one with an average list price of $194,665 and an average sold price of $184,139, off 2.65% from quarter one but holding steady with an average list to sold price ratio at 94.6%.  What does all this mean?  That the analysts are most likely correct, we may very well be at or near the bottom of pricing.  The bottom line is that no one rings the bell at the bottom and we are usually six months past the bottom of the market before we know it.  Most experts have advocated a long term approach to growing wealth and assets.  Buy and hold for long term profits as opposed to the quick fix of “flipping” for short term profit.  With Gatlinburg Real Estate inventory up, pricing down, and sub 6% fixed 30 year mortgage rates, now may actually be the best time to buy. Back in the first quarter I saw Real Estate experts Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump on Larry King Live saying we were at or near the bottom of home prices.  Each advised people to get out and buy now.  It looks like they called it. I couldn’t agree more!   Visit our home search for more information on current Real Estate for sale in Gatlinburg.

Market volatility offers opportunity in Gatlinburg Real Estate…

Really, who isn’t at least a little concerned about the market’s volatility?  I think our collective concern has been rather evident in the Dow’s wild swings this week.  Monday, optimism over the G7’s weekend meeting and the US decision to follow the current European model and invest over $250,000 billion in our nations banks, sent the stock market soaring to an all time record 936 point gain.  Later in the week, after the Government’s report revealed that retail sales fell 1.2 % in September (nearly double the .7% analysts expected), the market lost much of Mondays gain sending the Dow plunging 733 points, the second-largest point loss ever.  But overall, the Dow gained 4.8% for the week, the largest net gain since news of Lehman Brothers Holdings collapse set off the current global financial crises in mid-September.  So now what should we expect?  Warren Buffet recently said that in the long term markets behave quite rationally, but in the short term they are often a reflection of investors’ emotions.  That is a brilliant insight.  We are looking for something positive to hold on to but lately that has seemed illusive.

It seems to me all this market volatility will drive investors back to tangible assets they can really hold on to and not just gold and T-bills.  Real Estate.  It won’t disappear one day like Lehman Brothers, or be absorbed like WAMU.  It is Real, tangible and now more than ever, affordable.  Granted, in many places, the equity gains over the last few years have evaporated.  Investors’ irrational exuberance of years past has given way to lower demand and increased supply which has brought down price.  At our current rate of absorption in the first three quarters this year the market will absorb roughly 36% of the homes for sale in the Smoky Mountain/Gatlinburg region.  This excess inventory has brought the average sold home price down 8.4% from 2006 levels and 4.8% from last year. Average home list price is down 6% from 2006 and 3.4% from last year.  A quick look at available homes and land for sale in the Smokies and Gatlinburg area will reveal some enticing opportunities.

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