Gatlinburg TN Real Estate History

Gatlinburg TN Historical Cabin (Tweaker73 on Flickr)
Gatlinburg TN Historical Cabin (Tweaker73 on Flickr)

Gatlinburg TN real estate has a long and interesting history behind the area. 

First settled in 1807 by Martha Jane Huskey Ogle and her family, they choose the Gatlinburg TN area in East Tennessee in order to honor the wish of her recently deceased husband Willam’s desire to settle in the “land of paradise” he found for them before his death. 

This area was first called White Oak Flats for the abundant native white oak trees in the area.  Today this area is known as Gatlinburg and is surrounded on three sides by the beautiful Great Smoky Mountain National Park. 

Millions of people flock towards the “land of paradise” today to see this national treasure, but Gatlinburg TN real estate is available to purchase and enjoy year round. 

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