Smoky Mountain Real Estate Continues to Shine in Today’s Investment Arena

Fall in the Smokies

Homes in Gatlinburg and areas throughout the Smokies, continue to offer buyers a unique haven from the turmoil of the present day world economy.  Currencies all over the world are giving up value to either; lessen their debt load through inflation, or maintain a global export advantage.  For people with savings, this monetary policy errodes the purchasing power of their nest egg.  However, hard assets like real estate have traditionally shown to hold their value better than other investments during periods of monetary instability.  The real estate of the Great Smoky Mountains has additional advantages that other locations lack.  For starters this area is incredibly beautiful. There are topographical variations to the land, that often allow complete changes in scenery for every mile you travel.  In addition, this region provides a bio-diversity of plants and animals that are rare in present day America.  Where can you find bamboo and banana trees growing within a mile of northern maples and frashier firs?  In most places you would need to go to a game preserve to find; deer, bear, elk, wild boar, and turkey.  On any given day in the Smokies, you might view any or all of the previously mentioned creatures on a normal hike or drive around the area.  All of this unique, natural beauty gets combined with a multitude of man-made events and activities to further enhance the allure of the area. When you flactor in the proximity of the Smokies to over 1/2 of the U.S. population, the appeal of this area is truly awesome.  

The current market in Smokies real estate is a complete spectrum of possibilities.  You can find; raw land, primary and vacation homes, condos, rental cabins, and more.  The Smokies’ market to some extent reflects other parts of the U.S.  However, our area is highly desirable, given it’s beauty and location.  This is similar on some levels to western ski towns, coastal cities, etc.  Even in depressed markets, desirable locations (like San Fransico for example) will out perform less popular areas simply because more people want to live in a great place.  

If you want to join the people who call the Smokies their home, begin today.  You can set parameters on our website, in a number of catagories like; price, location, number of bedrooms/baths, to home style.  All this can be done from the comfort of your home.  When it’s time to view property and close, our expert staff is here to assist. Call us today 877-678-2121.  

Here are a Few of My Current Listings:

Quality Built Home on Private Corner Lot
Formal, custom built home on a very nice and private corner lot in beautiful neighborhood of Belle Meadows. Close to hospital and all the amenities that Sevierville has to offer.
Type: Single Family Home
Location: Sevierville,TN
Price: $289,900
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2.42 Acre Rocky Creek Frontage!
Level building site with beautiful rocky creek frontage. Only 1.5 miles to downtown Gatlinburg and southern exposure!
Type: Land
Location: Gatlinburg ,Tennessee
Price: $139,900
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Upscale Neighborhood-Authentic Log Cabin
This authentic log home is located in an upscale neighborhood and is in excellent condition. Bedroom and bath on each floor for privacy as well as a large gameroom for your enjoyment.
Type: Single Family Home
Location: Gatlinburg ,Tennessee
Price: $249,900
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