Anticipating the Fabulous Fall Festivals in the Great Smoky Mountains

Throughout the years as a resident of the Smoky Mountains area, I have noticed a certain excitement that comes with the onset of autumn.  Setting aside the energy of starting back to school, there is a distinct type of urgency that compells many people to get out and enjoy the outdoors and other outside activities before winter.  Here in Sevier County and across the area that surrounds the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, there are a multitude of activities that come to life in the fall.  These diverse festivals and social gatherings appeal to almost everyone.  They include; food-oriented harvest festivals, car shows, autumn leaf viewing and more.  I will focus on several of these items in my upcoming blogs and I urge you and your friends to come enjoy our area at a great time of year.  Humidity is usually lower and the hotter summer temperatures are moderating.

One of the first items on the fall agenda is our Sevier County Fair.  Beginning Monday, September 7th and running through Saturday, September 12th this fair is a cornucopia of events.  There are agricultural shows of livestock and produce interlaced with amusement rides, carnival games and food items.  Each day offers different opportunities from; wrestling and seeing local celebrities to culinary demonstrations and concerts.

Just as our Smoky Mountain area abounds with fall activities, this time of year also is great to purchase or sell real estate.  Many people get serious about investments and goals before year end.  Opportunities to buy or sell are plentiful with first-time buyer incentives and low mortgage rates still in place.  Allow me or other members of The Jason White Team to help you sell or purchase real estate in the Smokies.