What is Happening in the Real Estate Market?

We understand why you are wondering what is happening?
And probably what will happen in the near future.No one knows.

We found resources for a few pressing questions so that you can stay in the know!

Is the power shifting in the market?
Taylor Marr, the deputy chief economist at Redfin, says, “As sellers adjust their behavior it’s already changing the housing market.”

“The housing market isn’t crashing, but it is experiencing a hangover as it comes down from an unsustainable high,” Marr said in a statement to Insider, adding that a lot of home sellers are already beginning to drop their asking prices.

Will home prices come down quickly?
NextAdvisor produced an article this week that says, “Experts say it’s unlikely prices will drop in any significant way nationwide anytime soon. And while the rate at which home prices are rising will slow, that’ll likely come because fewer people can afford to shop in a pricier market. On a local level, individual markets might see prices come down, but experts say a big drop across the board is unlikely barring a big economic shift.”