Zoning in Sevier County, TN – Restrictive Covenants

*updated February 2022. 


Restrictive covenants can also apply to real estate deals, where they include such reasonable provisions as not allowing pets or renovations without approval from the neighbors or community association. They can also place more-onerous restrictions on buyers, such as the number of tenants who can live in a property or even the timing of holiday decoration setup and removal.”



We’ve covered the basics of Zoning, and a few specificities between Pigeon Forge zoning, Sevierville zoning, and Gatlinburg zoning.

This week we’ll cover the basics of restrictive covenants, sometimes called covenants conditions and restrictions, or cc&rs.


What are covenants and restrictions?

According to Cornell Law, Covenants, conditions, and restrictions, commonly called “CC&Rs” are a set of rules governing the use of a certain piece of real estate.


Is it important to review the restrictive covenants before purchasing a home or piece of property?

Absolutely! This is where you will find rules and regulations about what you can and cannot do on or with your property. Restrictive covenants along with the zoning map give you a clear understanding of use type for your property.


What might be addressed inside of covenants conditions and restrictions, or cc&rs?

  • Limitations on exterior and roofing colors
  • Whether or not retaining walls are considered common property
  • Landscaping restrictions
  • Who owns the roads and the grounds – you or the home owners association
  • If you are building – things like materials, square footage, and height above grade


How do I find the covenants and restrictions on my property?

Covenants conditions and restrictions for your specific property are referenced on your warranty deed. 

You can find Sevier County, TN warranty deeds and Sevier County, TN restrictive covenants on the Sevier County Register of Deeds website.

You can find more info about zoning in Sevier County, TN here.

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