Gatlinburg Homes Enjoy a Unique Firefly Display

Our Smoky Mountain real estate enjoys some phenomenal benefits from Mother Nature.  People flock to these wonderous mountains to view the natural splendor that permeates the area.  The biodiversity of this region rivals some of the equatorial rain forests. Our changes in elevation allow for plant and animal life that are normally found in other areas.  These climatic niches provide the perfect environment to nurture a multitude of flora and fauna.   

Among the wonders of the Smokies are synchronous fireflies. Many people have seen fireflies. However, the Smokies are one of a few locations on earth where the fireflies flash in unison.  This natural phenomenon occurs when all of the male individuals of one species synchronize their flashing light sequence.  This light flashing is part of the lightning bug mating display.  There are about 14 species of fireflies in the Great Smoky Mountain Park.  Each species has a unique light pattern.  It helps each type to identify its own kind.  The males fly and flash while females remain grounded and flash back.  Light color and flash patterns vary by species.  Lighting activity seems to peak in a 2 week time frame around mid June.  Flashing is not always together.  Sometimes it is in waves or at random. 

To celebrate this phenomenon, the National Park will close the Elkmont entrance road to motor vehicles from 5-12 pm, June 4-12th to allow Gatlinburg trolleys to bring in viewers.  Cost is $1.00/person round trip.  Flashlights can interfere with people’s night vision and disrupt the firefly beetles.  Cover your light with red or blue cellophane.  Use your light minimally only when moving to or from a viewing spot.  Point the light down and turn it off when you reach your destination.

If you are considering a trip to this area, schedule some firefly viewing.  Go online and view synchronous fireflies for more details. If you are thinking about real estate in the Smokies, contact the Jason White Team.  Begin your quest online and get pre-approved to know what financing options are available.  When it is time to finalize your search, call on our team of experts.  Begin at your convenience anytime.

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Prime Location in Gatlinburg-Quality !
Great construction quality and prime location in Gatlinburg. Mostly level lot w/nice yard, gourmet kitchen,high end bathrooms and large 4×6 whirlpool. Fantastic outdoor space w/wrap around decking.
Type: Single Family Home
Location: Gatlinburg ,Tennessee
Price: $235,000
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Newly Remodeled w/ Mountain View!
Beautiful home high up in Gatlinburg. Freshly remodeled and includes furniture. Come and enjoy the mountain view from your covered porch or hot tub deck.
Type: Single Family Home
Location: Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Price: $199,900
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$58,000 Gross Income in 2010-Short Sale!
Short Sale Income Producing Opportunity!! $58,000 gross income in 2010. Four level, 7bed/5bath log home, fully furnished with fine electronics and furnishings. Great view, and even has a media room and level parking.
Type: Single Family Home
Location: Chalet Village, TN
Price: $350,000
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