Summer Readiness for Vacation Rentals

Do you hear it? 

The mountains are calling! As the summer vacation rental season starts to heat up, you want to be sure your vacation rental is in tip-top shape. In this blog post, we’ll cover summer readiness tips for your short term vacation rental. 


Ensure your Air Conditioning Unit is in Excellent Operating Condition 

Because we live in a temperate rainforest a reliable cooling system is a necessity. Maintaining your air conditioning unit allows your guest to be comfortable during their stay. This is a crucial factor for positive reviews and repeat bookings. 

Scheduling routine maintenance by professionals can ensure your system operates in the most efficient and effective way. 

Be sure to educate your guest on the proper use of the thermostat, if you do not have a programmable thermostat. 

Don’t forget to verify that your property manager is replacing your air filters regularly and completing regular visual inspections so that you can call a professional if there are any leaks or unusual noises. 

Neglecting AC maintenance can lead to unexpected breakdowns, costly repairs, and unhappy guests.


Complete Preventative Pest Control

Pests can quickly turn a dream vacation into a nightmare. 

Preventive measures are your first line of defense. Start by sealing any cracks and openings around windows, doors, and foundations to keep pests out. 

Installing screens on windows and seals on doors can also be a simple yet effective way to prevent insects from entering the property.

Scheduling seasonal treatments with a professional pest control company allows you to ensure the safety of your guests, and your home. These treatments can create a barrier around your property, deterring pests from entering.

It’s a good idea to schedule ongoing maintenance treatments to keep pests at bay throughout the summer. 

Don’t forget to verify that your property manager is regularly checking for signs of pests so that you can address any issues immediately, as well as removing standing water and keeping the property clean and free of debris.

Be sure to educate your guests about how they can prevent pests – by keeping doors closed and disposing of trash properly. 


Prepare Outdoor Spaces for Max Relaxation 

The outdoor spaces of your vacation rental are often the first impression guests will have of your property and one of the spaces they will spend the most time in, especially if the weather is nice and you have amenities, like a hot tub! 

Most often guests to the Smokies are looking to enjoy the ambiance of nature – your outdoor spaces allow your guests to do just that.

Be sure to regularly inspect your outdoor furniture and amenities, like grills, firepits and hot tubs, for damage or wear so that you can replace or repair any items that don’t meet the standards of your short term rental. 

Scheduling regular maintenance and landscaping allows you to create a welcoming environment and enhance your property’s curb appeal.

Don’t forget to verify that your property manager is ensuring walkways are clear and safe for guests by removing any obstacles or hazards that could cause accidents. 


As short term rental property owners it’s so important to capitalize on the busy summer season! 

Put your best foot forward by maintaining your HVAC system, completing preventative pest control, and ensuring your outdoor spaces are as comfortable and safe as they can be!