Top Advice For Buyers & Sellers From The Team

We would like to take a moment to congratulate everyone at Century 21 Four Seasons for an outstanding 2012. Our firm is ranked #1 in gross sales for the year with $48,037,391 in real estate volume to date. Our team is excited to be a part of the number one firm within the Great Smoky Mountain Association of REALTORS. Because of the support of a great company and all of our clients past and present I am able to congratulate everyone who is a part of The Jason White Team for ranking in the top three agents consistently throughout the year. As a team we offer top notch services, expert knowledge and a sincere desire to make each real estate transaction a fantastic experience for our clients.

As the market continues to change on a daily basis it is important to know that you have a team that is in the pulse of what is happening to help you navigate your real estate transaction. Today we are going to offer some top tips and advice from each member of the team to assist you as you consider buying or selling a home in the Smoky Mountain real estate market.

For sellers: As the team’s listing agent I work primarily with those wishing to get their homes on the market and sold. The following are the three things that I believe will help to prepare you for the process of having your home on the market.

*Even though the statistics show the market improving many buyers are still in the mindset of being able to purchase properties at a discount. Be prepared for low offers, even insulting offers. Don’t take it personally! Take a moment to look at it from the buyer’s side – everyone wants the best deal possible. Be willing to start negotiations and view even a low offer as an opportunity to get to the result that you are looking for.

*Make your house shine. First impressions are the most important in real estate and there is a lot of competition on the market. When we have a showing we want yours to be the one that stands out. If you were selling your car you would take the time to clean it up, maybe even have it detailed right? It’s the same for your house. A fresh coat of paint, a good cleaning and attention to needed maintenance will go a long way towards helping you get an offer.

*Stay focused on the outcome not the process. With the number of homes on the market it is important to be patient and stay flexible. It may take some time to get an offer and once you do the process from offer to closing may be demanding but we are here to help navigate the process and make it as smooth as possible. A buyer may need more time to close because of their lender, there may be repairs to be made and the closing company is going to need information. Knowing that these things may occur ahead of time will help you to avoid frustration during the transaction.

For buyers from Stephanie Huskey: Stephanie has been active in the Smoky Mountain real estate market for 7 years and is a dedicated Buyer Specialist. Here are her top three tips for those considering a purchase in the area.

*Give yourself time to look and be flexible. With this being a busy vacation area many properties you are interested in may not be available on certain days, especially weekends. Purchasing a home is a serious investment and is worth taking a few days away from other obligations when you are ready to look. Scheduling a trip during the week instead of on a weekend will make your trip much more productive as more homes will be available and there will be less traffic to delay your day.

*Know ahead of time what your “must haves” are. This will help me to condense the list of homes we view and insure that your time is spent looking at homes that have the qualities you desire.

*The market is moving at a pretty rapid pace. It is crucial to have a mortgage pre-approval or proof of funds letter in hand when you come to look. Many sellers will not even approve a showing unless we are able to provide this ahead of time.

For buyers from Suzanne Walls: Suzanne is also a Buyer Specialist and has 10 years of experience helping buyers reach their real estate goals. She says these are the three things to know when you are ready to start looking at mountain homes.

*Know that the Smoky Mountain market is a prime investment area and our prices may not reflect the discounts that are still available in other markets. Throughout 2012 the market has improved and homes are selling for an average of 93% of asking price.

*All of the areas we serve offer different amenities. Know ahead of time what is most important to you about location such as views, level roads or mountainous and proximity to town. Doing this we will help us make sure we are spending your time here at homes you will love.

*Be prepared to make an offer. When you see “the one” you want to be able to make an offer right away. If you are rating a home as a 9 or 10 someone else is too. The market here is very active and homes are moving.

We are here to help when you are ready to buy or sell. at all of the opportunites available and know you will be in great hands when the time comes to start looking or to put your home on the market.

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