Purchasing Land? 6 Things to Consider

Purchasing Land - Things to Consider


We’ve created a list of six things to consider while purchasing land. This list is not all encompassing but is a great start to your research.


You’ll want to make sure you are complying with the city, and/or country’s zoning regulations. We wrote more about the things everyone should know about zoning in Sevier County, TN.  Pay special attention to reference the most updated regulations as they are subject to change. 

If you are outside of Sevier, County a quick google search should help you find the city or county’s zoning regulations that you are looking for!


You will find restrictions in the legal description of your warranty deed. These may either be in the body of the deed or attach as an appendix. 

If you need a copy of your warranty deed, reach out to the county clerk’s office. Some offices have online services! 

Not exactly sure what restrictions are or why they are important? Click here to find out! 


You’ll want to determine if you are subject to any easements. 

There are a few different ways to find out! 

A survey should show your property easements. You can also contact the utility companies; electric, gas, and telephone. 

You will also find property easements on file at the local assessor’s office.

Access to Utilities

To confirm if you have access to city water or sewage, contact the city’s utility department. You can find information about utility access for land in Gatlinburg here

If you do not have access to city water or sewage, you will need to have a septic system installed and a well drilled to develop your land. 

We found this website to be a great resource for understanding the process of having a well installed. 

To install a septic system you must complete environmental testing, you can learn more at the Sevier County Environmental Health Department website. 

Survey or Environmental Testing

You will need a survey to determine the definite parameters of the land you are purchasing. 

A survey will also show utility easements. 

If you need to install a septic system a percolation test will need to be conducted. 


To determine your tax liability you will need the appraised value, assessment ratio, assessed value, and the tax rate for your area. Check out our updated blog about property taxes in sevier county to learn more! 

We hope you found this information helpful as you consider purchasing land. Please, visit our website to find lots and land listed for sale in Sevier County, TN!